Thursday, February 5, 2015

7 Fun Ways to celebrate Valentines Day Allergy free this year!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with someone who's allergic can be challenge.  Here are a few tips to help you have a fun allergy free Valentines Day.  You'll be spreading love, not allergies!

1. Eat Chocolate!
Want to surprise your loved one with chocolate? Go for a dark one! Dark chocolate is filled with flavanoids, strong anti-oxidant chemicals that help to reduce inflammation. Dark chocolate is milk free making it a perfect gift if your loved one is allergic.
2. Play!
When you have a partner, you have an instant playmate. Take advantage of it and organize a game of indoor tennis, hit the gym, take a dance class, or go for a romantic walk. More and more evidence points to the role of exercise in keeping not only your body fit, but your immune system functioning at it's peak performance.
3. Relax!
Thinking of doing something special for loved one? Try a massage. Use mineral oil to prevent an allergic reaction if your partner has sensitive skin.  Physical affection helps to decrease cortisol levels, a key hormone that leads to inflammation.

4. Kiss!
 Did you know that food proteins can be transferred in the saliva causing an unwanted allergic reaction. To prevent a kiss from being dangerous, avoid foods that might trigger a reaction in your partner.  If there's no food allergies, then go ahead and give your loved one a kiss. It's can be the perfect allergy free gift.
5. Give Flowers!
Roses, tulips daffodils and orchids are some of the least allergenic flowers. Stay away from daisies, goldenrod, sunflowers, chamomile, and chrysanthemums.  They are among the worst. 
6. Cook!
Cook a meal filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll know exactly what the ingredients are in the meal.  Use a rainbow of different ingredients and colors to include key vitamins like C, D, E, A, and Zinc that are vital for you immune systems function. Here are tips on Allergy Free meals

7. Quit!
Do you smoke? Tobacco smoke is linked with increases in upper respiratory illnesses, asthma exacerbations, and ear infections. Make quitting your ultimate gift for your loved ones! Need tips?  Quit Here! NYS Smoke Free

Above all else, have fun this Valentine’s day with your partner and show those around you how much you love and appreciate them!
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