Monday, March 9, 2015

How Can You Be Prepared for New York's Spring Allergy Season?

How Can You Be Prepared for New York's Spring Allergy Season?

The arrival of spring is on everyone's mind after all of the snow and bitter cold temperatures we've had this past winter.  Longer days and more sunlight will soon trigger tree's to start pollinating.  Tree pollen in New York is potent and causes many to suffer from symptoms of itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sinus headaches, and cold like symptoms.

What Can You Do to Be Prepared for New York's Spring Allergy Season?

Here are 5 simple tips to keep you feeling great this spring season.

Get Tested
Knowing what you’re allergic to and what triggers your symptoms is the first step to avoiding the offending pollen.  There are many non-medical ways of avoiding allergens. 

Start Medications Early
Your allergist will help you create a plan of when to start medications, and which medications work quickly. Taking allergy medications early and as directed can prevent you from developing severe symptoms that can interfere with your work, school and life. 

Rock a Hollywood Look
Always pack and use sunglasses this spring.  Glass help protect your eyes from airborne pollens and dust.  This will help stop itchy watery eyes without the use of medications.

Change Your Routine
Showering at night will help wash away airborne tree pollens off your hair so you aren’t carrying them into your bed at night. 

Spring Board Your Exercise Routine For the Beach Season
Tree pollens are highest in the morning.  Change your exercise routine from morning to evening to help naturally decrease your exposure to tree pollen.

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