Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kosher Food Allergy Blog Site

Many of my patients keep kosher and thought you'd be interested in a new blog dedicated to kosher food allergies. kosherfoodallergies.blogspot.com 

For persons with milk allergy, kosher products are an excellent resource, they are clearly labeled dairy free.

The blog is dedicated to specific issues kosher patients might face and tools to deal with them.  I hope you'll find it helpful and useful.

Good luck surviving the heat!

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  1. Food allergy is caused by an abnormal immune response to food. Two main categories of food allergy are IgE-mediated and non IgE-mediated, and some allergic disorders have characteristics of both. Reactions involving the skin gastrointestinal, respiratory, or cardiovascular systems may develop. In severe food allergies, anaphylaxis is possible.