Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Test For Allergy?

It's hard to believe that the spring is just around the corner with temperatures here in NYC still in the 20's and ice covering the sidewalks, but soon trees and flowers will be blooming.  And, with their blooms, will come spring time allergies. 

  • Did you know that 1 out of 3 people are allergic? 
    • Allergies often cause social embarrassment, missed days of school and/or work, and can leave you feeling like you have a cold that won't go away.
    • Don't suffer without knowing that allergies are the cause.
  • Avoid Being Treated with Antibiotics When it's Actually an Allergy. 
    • Allergies are often mistaken for a cold and/or sinus infection and treated with antibiotics.   Minimizing your exposure to antibiotics is important because of increasing rates of bacterial resistance.
    • Antibiotics won't help symptoms associated with allergies.  You need the right type of medication.  An allergist/immunologist will give you personalized guidance on avoidance measures.
  • Know Your Allergic Triggers- Get Tested
    • Most people in the U.S. are allergic to more than one allergen.
    • Knowing a full composite of what your allergic to, can aid in helping you to use avoidance measures rather than just medications.
    • Testing for allergies is a painless test that's done through skin prick testing.
  • Allergies Change Over Time
    • Many people ask me how they can develop allergies when they never suffered before.  Allergies can develop and change at any point in your life.  New sensitizations can pop up and if you're lucky resolve.
    • Being testing on an interval basis will help you keep up to date with what you are sensitized to so you can have a direct approach.
  • Not All Allergy Runs in Families
    • While many people with allergic disease will have a family history of disease, you may be the only one with symptoms.
    • While they may not understand, I do....
Don't be left out of enjoying spring because your nose is running, the end of winter is the perfect time to get checked for allergies and make sure you have medications to treat your symptoms.  Get tested before the ice melts and temperatures melt so you can enjoy spring to it's fullest.

Want help or more information on testing for allergies?  Contact the office at 212-6793574 , Gramercy Allergy & Asthma, 205 East 22nd Street, NY NY 10010 or visit our website www.gramercyallergy.com


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