Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's the Best Way to Tackle Springtime Allergies in NYC?


Warmer temperatures in New York this weekend has everyone day dreaming about NYC spring! Longer days, more sunlight and being outside with friends and family bring about smiles and spring fever.  We shed winter coats and sweaters in place of smiles, light scarfs and lots of outside activities.  But for one out of seven people, spring pollen hovering in the air trigger asthma  and allergy. 

What can you do this year to put yourself on the attack mode against pollen so you can enjoy NYC spring?

Don't let the pollen get you down! Here are 5 tips to springtime allergies in NYC.

Get Tested

Knowing what you’re allergic to and what triggers your symptoms is the first step to avoiding the offending pollen.  Skin testing is an office procedure where small amounts of various allergens are put on your skin (typically arm/back). Reactions take place typically within 30-45 minutes, but some can have a delayed reaction up to 8-10 hours later.  A local reaction will tell you what is causing your reaction.  There are many non-medical ways of avoiding allergens and your allergist will create a specific plan for you based on your testing results.


Follow the Pollen Counts

Check the weather report daily?  Then take a peak at what's happening with the pollen in your are.  Pollen.com and weather.com are some of my favorites for keeping tabs on local levels.  Be advised, tree pollen in NYC is already on the rise!

Start Medications Early
Overwhelmed by the number and variety of over the counter allergy medication in the drug store?  Your not alone!  Your allergist will help you create a plan of when to start medications, and which medications work quickly. They'll help to insure you aren't taking more than you need to control your symptoms and that you are aware of the side effects.  Taking allergy medications early and as directed can prevent you from developing severe symptoms that can interfere with your work, school and life.  

Rock Your Shades
Always pack and use sunglasses this spring in NYC.  Glasses help protect your eyes from airborne pollens and dust.  This will help stop itchy watery eyes without the use of medications.

Amp up Your Moisturization Regimen
Your skin is your first line defense against pollen.  Keeping  skin well moisturized can help prevent pollen from triggering an eczema flare. If you have pollen induced eczema, make sure you turn down the water temperatures in your shower and wash your face after spending time outdoors.


Change Your Routine
Showering at night will help wash away airborne tree pollens off your hair so you aren’t carrying them into your bed at night.  Tree pollens are highest in the morning.  Change your exercise routine from morning to evening to help naturally decrease your exposure to tree pollen.

Visit Gramercy Allergy for more specific advice on how to tackle spring pollen!

Want more specific advice on surviving New York’s Allergy Season?  Visit our website http://www.gramercyallergy.com or click here to schedule an appointment online.


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