Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Travel Safely With Allergies!

Pack your bags and lets go- summer is finally in full swing!  High temperatures in NYC are driving people to the beach and other fun locations.  Kids have the count down on for when school is out.  

But for those with allergies, traveling can be stressful and difficult.  I've put together these easy tips that I hope will make your trip more focused on rest and relaxation and less about your allergies. Gramercy Allergy wishes you the BEST summer!

Have food allergies?

  • Do a quick search to see what restaurants in the area are friendly for those with allergies.
  • Have a travel anaphylaxis kit to carry in you carry on or purse include quick melt antihistamines and your injectable epinephrine.

Have mold and dust mite allergies?
  • Many rentals at the beach are havens for dust mites and mold. High humidity is the perfect environment for both these allergens to grow.
  • Speak with your allergist for a perfect plan to keep your eyes from itching and nose from being runny/congestion while on your trip.  No one wants to feel like they got the "perfect cold" on vacation.

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Have asthma?
  • Bring an extra inhaler along with you in your bag.  You never know what kind of environmental triggers you'll be exposed to in your vacation home.
  • Check out common triggers/environmental exposures you might face in that location.  Weather.com can give you specific information about pollen and mold counts depending on where you are headed.
  • Ask your doctor to put together an emergency supply of medicine that you can bring with you in case you get sick- this will help keep you out of an unfamiliar emergency room.

Have skin allergies?
  • Bring travel size versions of your favorite sunscreens, moisturizers, shampoos/conditioners.  Most manufactures make 3 oz versions that are perfect to keep in your travel bag.  Look for Pure and Free in the name.  This typically means a mineral based sunscreen.  Neutrogena makes a great on just for faces.  
  • Ask your doctor for a small tube of a corticosteroid to carry with you just in case; no one wants to be itchy and scratchy while on vacation

Going somewhere where they speak another language?
  • If you have food allergies  translate your food allergy before you go.  It might help to put this on a card and carry it with you to make sure there's no confusion.  Look for pictures of the foods- don't assume that the person you are talking to is able to read or will know what the food is.  
  • In many countries asthma and allergy medications are over the counter.  Translate your problem so you'll be able to effectively communicate with the pharmacist there.
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With these simple effective tips, your vacation will be filled with laughter, love, and beautiful memories rather than a trip the doctor

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