Monday, August 19, 2013

Allergy and Nutrition- Expanding our Practice

Over the past year I've written several posts on the role of nutrition and allergy.  It's an important topic to me and I often spend time with my patients learning about what they are eating to see if it might be affecting their health.

I'm so excited to announce that starting in September, we'll have a nutritionist in the office!  Her name is Stefanie Casillas, RD and she'll be starting with us every Thursday.  When I asked Stefanie about what she hoped to add to the practice she said, "My passion lies in helping clients learn to nourish their bodies and optimize their health. Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage blood sugar, live healthfully with food intolerance, or improve your overall nutrition, I would love to help your patients on their journey!"  I knew then she'd be the perfect addition.

A bit about Stefanie- her original background is in education in NYC where she worked as a teacher.  She decided to change career paths and became a dietitian at Beth Israel Medical Center.  Afterwards, she joined the staff at Beth Israel Medical Center as an inpatient nutritionist.  She's had extensive experience in teaching cooking classes and even working on a roof-top farm!

Whether you have questions for her like, how do I deal with food intolerance, food allergy or lose weight?  I know you'll love working with her and know a consultation with her will change your life in a positive way.

Want to schedule an appointment with Stefanie?  Call the office at 212-679-3574, www.gramercyallergy.com, or email me at jcollins@gramercyallergy.com

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