Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tips for conquering the pollen vortex coming our way....

Good news for New Yorkers- it seems spring is upon us!  Bad news is that these warm and then cold days are going to create a pollen vortex triggering severe allergy symptoms.  Tree & grass pollen along with mold spores will all bloom at once causing severe symptoms. 

Maybe you're already feeling the pull of these allergens?  Itchy watery eyes, dry cough, sneezing, mucous in your throat, and sinus pressure are some of the signs you're allergic.

Don't lose hope though, here are some easy tips to help you fight off your allergies and enjoy spring!
  • Pollen counts are earliest before 10 AM.  Keep your windows closed during this time, to help prevent pollen from entering your home.
  • Have Asthma?  Make sure you're inhalers aren't expired.  If you're needing your albuterol more than 2 x per week, go see your doctor. 
  • Wipe your dog off after walking with a wet washcloth.  This will help prevent outdoor allergens from entering your home.
  • Spending the day in the park?  Take medicine before you go and shower when you get home to wash the pollen off of you.
  • Playing softball with your company?  Make sure you have extra anti-histamines & asthma medication in your sports bag.
  • If your symptoms are severe, prescription medication may be necessary.
See an allergist/immunologist to know exactly what you're allergic too. They can provide specific  advice on a treatment plan and avoidance measures.

Call the office if you need specific advice- 212-679-3574.  We are here to help. 

Good luck and enjoy the spring! 

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