Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Is This Going To Be The Worst Pollen Season Ever?

"This is going to be the worst pollen season ever!"  "The pollen vortex is coming our way". 

You might be wondering what's going on. Is this just sensationalism in the news?  Or is there any truth to these claims?  If so, why are the seasons getting worse?  What actually makes for the worst pollen season ever?

What makes for the worst pollen season ever?

  • This spring it's been hot and cold.  The warm days we've had have been pleasant relief from this sticky winter, but trigger trees to start blooming and producing pollen
  • Low levels of pollen during these warm days "prime" our immune systems towards the pollen. 
  • When the pollen gets into full force in the spring, because our systems are primed, it takes less pollen to trigger a reaction

Are the allergy seasons getting worse? 

  • Warmer temperatures and shorter winter stretches are prolonging the pollinating seasons for plants.  
  • Plants are producing increased amounts of pollen.
  • Some believe that the increase in the warmer months is producing stronger pollen.
  • Longer exposure to pollens means that your allergy symptoms will be longer.
  • Increases in CO2 (carbon dioxide) causes plants to grow faster and more robust.  This may be an untold consequence of global warming on pollen.

So there may be some truth to the claim that it is going to be the worst pollen season ever.

Don't fear though, knowing what you're allergic to, early use of medications to prevent symptoms, and talking to your doctor or an allergist/immunologist can help you stay healthy and enjoy the spring.

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