Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What Are the Top 5 Ways that Allergies Can Make You Tired?

As New Yorkers, many of us are running on empty.  Work, social, and family demands are often great and push us to our limits. Many of us blame our lack of energy on "doing to much" and not taking enough downtown, but if you have uncontrolled allergies they actually may be contributing to your lack of energy and feeling of brain fog.

What are the Top 5 Ways that Allergies Can Cause You to be Tired?  

1) Nasal Congestion

Many over the counter and prescription allergy medications cause a side effect of drowsiness and fatigue.  This can happen suddenly, or with increased use over time.
Did you know that our beds are filled with allergic triggers such as dust mites, feathers, and pet dander.  These allergic triggers can cause severe nasal congestion that happens about 20-30 minutes after falling asleep.  A stuffy nose is the number one cause of sleep disturbances in allergy suffers.  Incorrect breathing, via your mouth or even snoring, can mimic sleep apnea, a dangerous condition.  

2) Post Nasal Drip

Many allergy suffers have a chronic post nasal drip.  During the day time it's less noticable then when lying flat because we swallow the mucous.  At night time, post nasal drip can cause throat itching and coughing that can wake you up from sleep.

3) Side Effects of Allergy Medications
Many over the counter allergies medications can have the side effect of fatigue and grogginess.  This can occur on the first dose or after long term use.

4) Production of Inflammatory Mediators From an Allergic Reaction

People who suffer from allergies have allergic inflammation in their bodies.  These inflammatory mediators are similar to those that our bodies produce during a cold or viral infection and can cause symptoms of feeling fatigue, brain fog, and feeling drained.

5) Night Awakenings from Coughing

Did you know that uncontrolled asthma can present just at nighttime with a dry cough or wheezing? This is called nocturnal asthma.  Asthma symptoms that seem worsen in the middle of the night, typically between 2AM and 4AM, are a significant cause of fatigue and poor sleep for those with allergies. Interestingly, nocturnal asthma can affect anyone with any type of asthma.  What might trigger the worsening asthma at night?  Sinus infections, post nasal drip and your body clock can trigger asthma.  

What should you do if you believe your allergies and asthma are triggering fatigue?
See an allergy specialist for full evaluation.  Poor sleep and fatigue is a leading cause of poor concentration at school and work.  By knowing what is triggering your symptom of fatigue and brain fog, you can avoid and treat the problem.

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