Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Can you Be Prepared for an Allergy Free Fall?


October traditionally, associated with the start of fall, brings about a host of wonderful changes. Temperatures drop, leaves change, and winter squashes seem to appear everywhere overnight. There is excitement in the air brought in from storms and falling leaves.  Invitations for apple picking, hiking, hay rides and haunted houses abound.  For those with allergies, these drastic changes and invitations often leave with itchy eyes, asthma exacerbations and can trigger itchy skin.  Simply, Fall can be a bit perilous for those with asthma and food and skin allergies.

Some simple tips, can make sure you get to enjoy Fall & do participate in all the Fun!

How Can you be Prepared for an Allergy Free Fall?

Dealing with Asthma in the Fall:
  • Fall is a great time to check in with your allergist/asthma specialist

  • Make sure you get your flu shot! Those with asthma are more likely to end up hospitalized from the flu.  Stop by Gramercy Allergy anytime- we have the flu shot!

  • Wash your hands frequently.  This will help prevent you getting the common cold.

  • Roast some of those fall squashes- any orange colored vegetable is packed with Vitamins A, C and E- all essential for a health immune system.  Check out here for pumpkin recipes

  • Make sure your inhalers aren’t expired

  • Pack a scarf to protect your lungs from cold temperatures

  • Follow pollen counts for ragweed pollens and mold spores

If you have Skin Allergies & Eczema:
  •       Start a good moisturization routine weekly to keep your skin protected from the cooler temperatures. Extra moisture will help prevent your skin from becoming itchy.
  •            Change to a mild soap, use lukewarm showers and always moisturize before your skin dries out!
  •       Little time to moisturize?  Using baby oil in the shower is a quick and easy way to keep skin hydrated.  Just be careful- your tub can get slippery.
  •       Be careful with Halloween makeup- many have chemicals/dyes that can cause severe reactions that can scar.
  •       Check out for more specific tips.  How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful When You Have Eczema

If you have Fall Eye and Nose Allergies:
·        Get tested.  Knowing what’s triggering your allergies is the first way to avoid it.
·       Following pollen and mold spore counts can be the best way to stay ahead of allergens.
·       Use medications early.  Starting medications early will help prevent symptoms.
·       See your allergist for specific advice. 

If you have Food Allergies:
·       Be careful with Halloween candy.  This is often a common source of accidental exposure.

·       Participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project sponsored by FARE

·       Make sure your injectable epinephrine isn’t expired.

·       Look over Halloween candy to make sure it doesn’t contain hidden food ingredients that might make you sick.

Need specific advice on how to survive fall Allergy free?  Visit Gramercy Allergy- Union Square premier allergy office. We are located at 205 East 22nd Street NY NY 10010

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