Thursday, October 1, 2009

Common Myth # 1

What is one common myth I often hear about allergies? I never had allergies before, therefore I can't have them now.

Not true, ANY ONE can develop allergies at any point in their life.As we age, our bodies and immune system changes. Some people become more allergic while others less so.
You may have had allergies as a young child that you "grew out of". However, they can return as you get older.

Some people are more likely to develop allergies than others. For example, there is evidence that allergies are genetic, so if you parents are allergic, you are more likely to develop allergies.

Exposure to different viruses can change the way you immune works and reacts to allergens, making you more allergic. The best example of this is in young children who are hospitilized with the common cold virus, Rhinovirus. They are 10 X more likely to develop asthma than a child without hospitilization!

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