Friday, October 23, 2009

Flu Season 2

Every Friday for the next few weeks we'll be talking about the flu vaccine. If I don't answer your question, please let me know or make an appointment to discuss further.

3) What do I do if I am allergic to eggs?
- Many of you know that the vaccine is grown on ovaloalbumin, making it a potential source of egg allergen.
- People with allergy to egg, may be at risk of having an allergic reaction and should consult a specialist, for testing and administration.

4) What do I do if I have sensitivity to thimerosal, a preservative commonly found in the flu vaccine?
- There are 3 ways to get vaccinated for the flu virus: 1) A multi dose vial (killed virus), 2) A single dose vial (killed virus), & 3) an nasal spray (live weakened virus, that is not able to cause the flu).
- If you have sensitivity to thimerosal, you should discuss with your provider.
- Both the single dosed & the nasal vaccination contain NO thimerosal.
- Patients who have immune problems or who are pregnant should NOT receive any vaccination with a live attenuated virus (the nasal spray).

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