Friday, April 12, 2013

Tips for Managing Springtime Asthma

Springtime Asthma

The past few days in NYC have been beautiful.  It's been an exceptionally long winter here, and New Yorkers are ready to enjoy spring!

The plants and trees are ready to burst with beautiful flowers and pollen.  For many, this bounty of pollen, causes havoc for their allergies.  And for some, may trigger their asthma.  Asthma triggered by allergies is called allergic asthma.  Many people think, "I live in NYC- there's so few tree's here, the pollen can't affect me!"Tree pollens are airborne, and wind can carry them from over 100 miles away.

How Common is Allergic Asthma?  Really Common!

  • This is the most common type of asthma
  • About 90% of children with asthma will have allergic triggers
  • About 50% of adults with asthma will have allergic triggers
  • This is why knowing what your triggers your asthma is so important.  It can help you prevent an asthma attack.  It can help you manage an asthma attack.  Doing both of these things can help you keep your life as "normal" as possible.
What are Symptoms of Allergic Asthma?  
  • Cough
  • Chest tightness, 
  • Wheeze, and 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Symptoms/attack happens the same time each year or with the same exposure (cat/dog).
What Can You Do to Control Your Symptoms?
  • Talk to your doctor or allergist to have a plan for when to use your medication(s).
  • Make sure your asthma medication isn't expired!
  • You may need a daily medication to "prevent" symptoms.
  • Have an emergency inhaler with albuterol on hand in case you have an asthma attack.
  • Follow the pollen counts in your neighborhood.

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